Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everybody wants a hat!

My son needed a new hat so after researching a heap of patterns I settled on a lovely reversible bucket hat design from a seller on Etsy. The first one turned out really well so now everyone wants a hat! So far I have made 3, one for my son and one for each of my nephews. Here they are!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little boys need aprons too!

This is actually my second project, my first project was a Santa sack. That was fairly basic so I wont bore you with the photos!

Project number two was to make my son and my nephew an apron each. I cut the pattern myself out of an A3 piece of paper and chased my screaming 2 year old around the living room twice to see if I had the shape and length correct. It was a fairly unsuccessful attempt as he seems to have an aversion to doing anything that I actually ask him to.

I went ahead and made them anyway as it looked like an apron and if it was too big I thought I could put it in the half of his wardrobe that is full of things that he will eventually grow into.

Here is the finished product. Upon looking at the photos perhaps a quick iron wouldn't have gone astray!